Amplify Studios

Brand identity for a new music studio initiative from West London youth charity, Rugby Portobello Trust.



We were asked by North Kensington charity, Rugby Portobello Trust, to design the branding for a new music studio initiative for young people in the area. Before we started the concepts we met with their youth groups and asked what they wanted the brand to be. One young man told us “music is a way of expression that everyone can relate to” which summed things up perfectly. Music is a leveller and everyone in the studio - professional or amateur is equal and has mutual respect. Important in an area where people feel their voices aren't being heard.

We based the design on the idea of equality using the equals sign in the F which could be 'amplified' to create a simple and distinctive icon. It needed to feel like a professional music studio and a cool, urban brand - making the young people feel empowered and equal.

We will seek to establish a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and socio-economically equal environment that has music at its core.

Rugby Portobello Trust