Livewire : Brand identity

Communications agency Livewire wanted a brand identity and website that clearly expressed the concept of ‘intelligent communication’. Working with brand maker Neil Stewart, Salt commissioned a neon installation for the company’s reception to reflect their bright, reactive approach. We built a flexible identity with a glowing logotype and a set of quirky illustrations to bring stories to life. This ongoing project includes Livewire’s regular online newsletter ‘on the wire’ and direct mail. See more about the Livewire rebrand on our blog.


Brand Workshop / Brand identity / Website / Illustration / Online newsletter / Direct mail / Signage

Client Quote : CEO, Livewire Communications

SALT has worked with my agency for a number of years and was instrumental in helping create our corporate visual identity and applying that to all our communication vehicles. They are great at coming up with ideas, and then going on to execute them effectively and professionally. In addition the whole process ran smoothly, and from our perspective, effortlessly. I would recommend SALT to anyone wanting a distinctive and elegant branding look for their company or product.

Neil Stewart : Brand Maker
Most designers are so preoccupied with what it looks like, they tend to ignore what it is actually communicating. SALT think as well as design, which helps immensely when you are working with a brand concept instead of a logo and trying to develop it visually.